Putin’s Despair and Moodiness!

Putin’s moodiness has gotten worse after the shooting down of Russian warplane which strayed into Turkiye’s airspace, by the Turkish Air Force. However, when a Turkish fighter jet was shot down by a Russian rocket in the same area, they were pretty quiet.

In fact, there has been a great despair behind this ill temper. Because Russia could not win a major success since approximately one month in Syria. The bombardments that are launched from the warships and warplanes, only cause to civilian casualties. Opposition groups are fighting with light weapons and constantly changing their places in the region.

The biggest mistake of Russia is its suspicion of that all oppositions are supported by only Turkiye. Thus, it began the assaults to destroy the boundary contact between Turkiye and oppositions. Even if Turkiye not in the region, Russia cannot clear Turkmen and Kurdish mountains in the region with the help of its land allies, Syria and Iran. Otherwise, the greater part of opposition’s weapons and tanks are captured from Syrian and Iranian army. Therefore, Russia that is condemned to fail, is in a great despair. An army cannot completely dominate the region that it did not set foot in.

Russia that leaved Aleppo region to the Iranian Special Forces, is defeated by opposition groups. Iranian Special Forces and Hezbollah lost not only soldiers but also many commanders in the general level in Aleppo. Finally, the death of Qasim Suleimani who was the top commander of Quds Forces and Putin’s close friend was very important. After this news was transpired, many soldiers are escaping from their troops since one week. The one success of Russia and its allies was the recovering Kuveyris Airport from ISIL. It is recorded that some negotiations were between Assad Army and ISIL.

There have been many secret bilateral agreements among ISIL, Assad and Russia. The one of the most important agreements was the oil trade. Assad is buying all its oil from ISIL. Syrian oil pipelines are under the control of ISIL Terrorist Organization. The oil pipelines are ranging from Hasakeh and BuKamal over ISIL region to Lattakia and Tartus ports which are under the control of Russia. Assad government is paying big bucks to ISIL for this oil trade.

Putin is following Threatening and Invasion Policy not only in this region but also all Russian borders. The Russian Federation is riding for a fall with Putin’s policy. It will soon in the not too distant past.

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