PKK & PYD Terrorist Organization is the Biggest Drug Trafficker of the Middle East

Today, the world’s second largest drug manufacturing center is Afghanistan, after South America. The drug produced in the southern states of Afghanistan which are dominated by Pashtun (Taliban Organization) is passed through specifically Pakistan and Afghanistan borders. The most important part of the long border which has very difficult geographical conditions and uncontrollable mountains is Zahedan region. The drugs received by Sunnis, living in this region, are moved to Mahabad region which is known as Irani Kurdistan. The PJAK Organization which is Iranian branch of the PKK Terrorist Organization receives drugs in this area and carries onto Iraq and Turkiye borders.

There are three corridors of drug, extending to Europe via Iran: The first is the Northern Corridor through Russia. The Second is the Central Corridor over Turkiye. The Third is the Southern Corridor through Iraq, Syria and Southern Greek Region. For many years, it has been noted that the biggest drug path toward Europe was the Central Corridor, in the United Nations reports and international debates. In the preparing this information is used the results of operations of the security forces and quantities of drugs, captured. In contrast, the much larger amounts of drugs are moved through Southern and Northern Corridors, without experiencing any security issues. Northern Corridor is entirely under the control of the Russian Mafia.

The Central and Southern Corridor of drug trafficking (The Middle East Corridor) are managed almost entirely by the PKK Terrorist Organization. With the 2014, Turkiye’s Kalekol Security Points which were completed especially on the border of Iran, have dealt a huge blow to the Central Drug Corridor of the PKK Terrorist Organization. For these reason, The PKK and its political delegates have made great efforts to halt the construction of KaleKol Points. Kalekol Security Points, perhaps at the moment, are the best border security systems in the Middle East and Asia. These units can even watch several groups from 3-5 thousand meters away in the dark and even in the dead of night with thermal cameras. These units have all kinds of energy, heating, housing, electronic firing systems, special weapons and helipads.

The Drugs are captured in Kobani by the Islamic State!

After these measures of the Turkish State, the PKK Terrorist Organization has relocated its drug corridor to the South. In the past, the PKK and Syrian Security Units had been working together in Iraq, Syria and Southern Greek Region Corridor and they had been doing historical artifact smuggling with refined drugs. Syrian Civil War has also halted this cooperation since last two years. After this time, PYD (Syrian Kurdish Organization) become the biggest helper of the PKK Terrorist Organization in drug trafficking. Especially Northern Iraq, Sinjar, Al Hasakah, Kobani and Efrin Kurdish areas have become a big drug corridor of the PKK Terrorist Organization. Kobani city was the most important center in Syria on drug trafficking. During Islamic State attacks in Kobani, a large amounts of drugs were captured.

The PKK Terrorist Organization which is located Qandil Mountains on Northern Iraq and Iran border, extorts from all smuggled goods in this area. At the same time, refined drugs coming from Iran have been transferring by the PKK militants. The PKK has a special logistic unit for this purpose. Unarmed militants are continuing to carry refined drugs by infiltrate on Syria – Turkiye border. These drugs have been delivered to the West Kurdish Mafia Groups in Central Anatolia. A significant portion of these drugs have been transported to European countries via Aegean coast, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

The PKK Terrorist Organization is using local Kurdish mafia organizations rather than political militants in the drug distribution in Europe. Therefore, many entertainment centers and casinos, especially in eastern European countries and some Aegean cities have passed into the hands of Kurdish Mafia.

The PKK Terrorist Organization is using an important part of the revenue, earned from drug trafficking, for purchasing arms and ammunition. In this regard, the largest commercial partner of the PKK is the Russian Mafia organizations which are protected by Russian Secret Service. More recently, the PKK and PYD terrorist organizations spend big bucks for supply of arms and ammunition in Syria.

In addition, we have to note an important issue on this subject: The PKK Terrorist Organization invests the huge sums of money, earned from drug trafficking to the German banks. Terrorist Organization pays prices of the grand bargain which it made in the Middle East, in Germany.

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