Syria 2015

The conflicts in Syria is accelerating with the new year. Al Nusra Front launched new attacks in north against both Latakia which is Syria’s third largest city and Afrin region of the PKK Terrorist Organization. Idlib city is also was aborted completely under siege by Nusra Front.

The enveloping attack of Assad Army against Aleppo which is second largest city, aborted. Islamist groups which made an alliance between each other, inflicted heavy losses on Assad army. There were Iranian Special Forces members, Lebanon’s Hezbollah militias and mercenaries brought from Shiite areas of Afghanistan, among losses.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIL) continues its siege on AynulArab which is known as Kobane on Turkish border. Meanwhile ISIL started new attacks against Hasekeh and Khamisli from south. The Sunni Organization continues to progress towards Homs in Central Syria. On the other hand, some small groups from ISIL are attempting to hold on to around Damascus city.

The conflicts in the center of Damascus city continue with its violence. The insurgents is waging war in Yarmouk, Jobar, Gouta and Muaddem districts. Last a few days, Jobar which is a historical Turkish district, was under heavy shelling by Assad Army. New news is coming about the murdered children and civilians every day. The insurgents which were trained in Jordan camps, are expanding their fronts in the Deraa and Knaitra regions. For this reason, Assad Management gave priority to the protection of Damascus.

Damascus government is experiencing a major financial crisis. The salaries of civil and military services which were paid by Iran and Russia, began to halt. Due to the dramatic drop of oil prices nearly half, Iran and Russia financial aids dropped off. Therefore, Syria’s allies will accelerate their efforts to establish a joint government with the moderate groups and to sign an armistice for the long-term in 2015.

 As of January 1, 2015, you can review the latest situation in Syria at the following Flash map. The map can be enlarged with the help of mouse. Flash Map does not work on android phones and tablets.

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