The British Partition Plan

Although we did not hear their names, there are two major forces which have been shaping the region in the background: The United Kingdom and Germany. These two countries had fought for this region in the past and The United Kingdom had won the battle.

Countries are divided into two front in the Middle East War today. Russia, Iran, China, Iraq and Syria Governments are creating The East Force. On the opposite side, there is The West Force which consists from The United States, The United Kingdom, Israel, France, Saudi Arabia, Arab and the Coalition countries. The planning center of the East Force are Moscow and Tehran. We have to consider and examine the secret political presence of Germany more behind the Moscow and Tehran governments.

The planning center of the West Force is not the Washington. Nearly two years, all hidden and political operations about the region have been planning and managing in London, The United Kingdom. The British, who were the founder of Salafi School and the Saudi Arabia, are conducting the projects of Kurdistan and The Islamic State deeply.

As it can be remembered, The United Kingdom had provided to establish the Israel State with the Balfour Declaration and Peel Sharing Plan in this region which was occupied by them after the First World War. The United Kingdom knocked France out at the Sykes-Picot Agreement, could not realize the Kurdistan Project and could not be permanent in Syria and Iraq. After 1940s, The Soviet Union, which was playing the leadership of the Eastern Christianity, had dominated this region through the Baath Party.

The Islamic State Project, which represents the Radical Salafi Power in the Middle East, was planned in London in 2013. This Radical Salafi Power, which was created with the Sunni Salafi Capital of the Saudi Arabia and Gulf States, was considered as the Al Qaida of Western Intelligence Services against the Al Qaida of Zawahiri which has been under the control of the East Force. There have been a number of benefits for each country from this plan.

Basic expectations of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf capital were as follows:

  • The stopping of Iran threat and expansion, the weakening of its war effort.
  • The canalizing of the Iranian Special Forces for battle outside Bahrain and Yemen.
  • The strengthening of Sunni Arabs in Syria and Iraq against pro-Iranian Shiites.

Israel had two-way expectations:

  • The weakening of Iran’s war power.
  • The reducing the influence of Hezbollah and the strengthening of the Sunnis and Druses in Lebanon.
  • The creating a chaotic atmosphere to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities when needed.

The common expectations of The United States, The United Kingdom and Israel were as follows:

  • The establishment of Kurdistan and the build of a new missile defense line in this region against Russia, China and Iran.
  • The stopping of the expansion of Russia and Iran and the establishment of a balance environment which would control each other between Sunnis and Shiites.
  • The creating of a skirmish and Jihad environment which the radical Islamists in Western countries will be purged permanently.
  • The opening the new fighting areas in the Caucasus against Russia and in Xinjiang against China by radical Islamist fighters who have improved their ability to fight in the Middle East.
  • The moderating of Sunni groups in Iraq and Syria and be given to under the control of Jordan in the future.

There have been some important reasons of Russia’s silent on this plan and also for being a partner about the Middle East war:

  • The consolidating of the occupation in Ukraine and Crimea due to the Middle East chaos. The leaving o conflict area to the West for to be comfortable in Eastern Europe.
  • The strengthening of the legitimacy of Shiite governments of Syria and Iraq by the Islamic State Project.
  • The migrating of Caucasian radical Islamists to the Middle East. (However, some radical Islamist groups have been re-directed to the Caucasus by MI6.)

In accordance with these expectations, primarily it would require to delete the existing borders in the Middle East. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Project both would upset the balances and make a reason for the redrawing of boundaries by the Western countries.

In general terms, The Partition Plan which was developed in London is this. Only the time will show whether this plan will be successful or not. However, one of the main issues, which both fronts allied about it, is the establishment of Kurdistan. Therefore Russia and Germany are trying to grab a large role in this formation.

Syria and Iraq crisis, which has been seen simply by most people, is actually a World War unnamed. Although Turkiye tried to stay away from this conflict since 2000s, it suffered many economic and political losses until today. Turkiye, which is naturally close to the western front, will be in the loop after this.

The British Middle East Partition Plan can be viewed at the following interactive map. The other some important issues, which we did not write in this article, will be evident here.


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