Is Putin skedaddling from Syria?

Putin’s order to withdraw some air troops from Syria is not a surprise. Last week, there was an important development that has escaped the attention of the public: Opponents downed a Mig-21 Warcraft in the northern Hama. Those who are closely following the war, had already guessed that this Warcraft was downed by an anti-aircraft missile. When the negotiations began in Geneva, some opposition resources published any photographs about that they have a large number…

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"Is Putin skedaddling from Syria?"

Syrian War’s 2015 Balance Sheet

Syrian Network for Human Rights released 2015 Balance of Syrian War. The Organization is watching the crimes of all organizations from the Syrian Regime to the opposition groups. According to the organization; the number of killed by Assad Regime including women and children and under torture is literally a massacre. Also Russian forces killed 832 civilian including 109 women and 199 children in this war in the past couple of months. The graphics on this…

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"Syrian War’s 2015 Balance Sheet"

Syrian War and The Mediterranean Energy Corridor!

On the one hand Syrian War is getting hot, on the other hand the efforts have accelerated about The Mediterranean Energy Corridor. We constantly emphasize that the Syrian war is basically an Oil Battle. The Western countries is planning an Energy Corridor against Iran which dominates the Strait of Hormuz and the transit of Gulf oil. With this way, the Middle Eastern Oil will reach to the West over Syria, Cyprus and Greece. The main…

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"Syrian War and The Mediterranean Energy Corridor!"

Syria 2015

The conflicts in Syria is accelerating with the new year. Al Nusra Front launched new attacks in north against both Latakia which is Syria’s third largest city and Afrin region of the PKK Terrorist Organization. Idlib city is also was aborted completely under siege by Nusra Front. The enveloping attack of Assad Army against Aleppo which is second largest city, aborted. Islamist groups which made an alliance between each other, inflicted heavy losses on Assad…

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"Syria 2015"