Cult and Sectarian Violence in the Islam World

Nowadays, cult and sectarian violence have been happening in the Islam World, from Syria to Pakistan. While most generally Sunni – Shia conflicts have been continuing, in addition to this, cult’s conflicts have been appearing in some areas where Sunni sectarian is very strong. One the other hand it is engrossing that there have not been any conflicts among Shiite groups for years. Sunni-Shiite division was based faith separation more than political differences in the…

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"Cult and Sectarian Violence in the Islam World"

Shia Sunni provocations in the Middle East

Along with the month of Muharram, we can say that provocation would increase between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in the Middle East. A new defense strategy was developed by the West after the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution. Just over 1 year, we had seen was a battle lasting more than 8 years between Iraq and Iran. A Sunni Shiite conflict doesn’t happen in Iraq. Iran as well as increased activity in the Gulf countries and…

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"Shia Sunni provocations in the Middle East"