Iran Game which will not back

Iran‘s nuclear issue turns into a game of chess which will not be turned back, with the Barter Agreement led by Turkiye and Brazil. Let’s summarize the expectations of the parties in this game:
The first country, Israel wants to prevent that obtaining nuclear weapons of Iran. Israel thinks that the primary target of nuclear weapons will be used by Iran to Israel. Israeli administration is fanatical as many as hit Iranian nuclear facilities for the last spot. Israel thinks that Iran without nuclear weapons is less damaging than Iran which has nuclear weapons.
U.S. does not want to bring up the option which will be used arms for prevent having nuclear weapons of Iran. Military action against Iran will increase losses of the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan and will see greater harm. On the other hand, when a country like Israel is ready to strike Iran, the United States does not directly enter this into action. The primary objective of U.S. is to make alone and powerless Iran through economic sanctions. In this regard, the most important barriers against the U.S. are Russia and China.
Russia and China want to maintain Iran which oppose the U.S. openly and busy constantly in the region. For Russia and China, continuing good relations with the United States is more important than maintaining good relations with Iran. Therefore, they maintain an optimist policy with the U.S. and the West; on the other hand They don’t completely abandoned from Iran in the context of the optimist policy. Moreover, They have preferred to keep them back when there are two heroes, such as Turkiye and Brazil that has emerged to protect the Iran.
Brazil is opposed to making heavier sanctions against Iran, because of growing economic relations with Iran increasingly in recent years. There is no another important reason for Brazil beyond the ocean which has not neighborhood relations with Iran
Turkiye which is most the important country leading the Barter Agreement provides realization of it. Turkiye explicitly opposes that any negative sanctions against Iran which has neighborhood and economic relations and energy agreements with Turkiye. Turkiye is at the forefront of this agreement, because, Turkiye can encounter big losses after sanction decision which will be taken by the United Nations Security Council.
In this sense, Turkiye has made a big mistake. The whole world knows that Turkiye can suffer after economic sanctions which will be applied against Iran. Turkiye can indicate neutrality and specify not fulfilling of possible sanction decisions in this context by citing good neighborhood relations and economic agreements. But it did not get this and led to an agreement is ambiguous of the results by an attitude nearly as well in Iran.
With the Barter Agreement (which executing date is not clear yet), Iran will be entrusted to Turkiye 1200 kg uranium in the hands of highly enriched at a rate of 3.5% in one month. In response, the U.S., Russia and China will provide 120 kg of enriched fuel at a rate of 20% for Iran‘s nuclear research reactor in a year.
The Barter Agreement does not have an article about to cease all nuclear activities of Iran. However, the U.S. wants it. Therefore, Iran will continue its efforts and will win time again. It will cut off economic sanctions against its in the front. It is completely obvious that Iran would not give up its decision. U.S. and Israeli demands in particular. There isn’t a compromise point between the desire of the parties.
Therefore, at a time when Russia and China recede, it is clear that pro-Iranian situation of Brazil and Turkiye will lumber these two countries. At the end of the game, United States thought deterioration of relations between Turkiye, Brazil and Iran. After the uranium deposit, Iran will continue its nuclear activities. The United States will increase political pressure. As a result, the agreement will be broken and Iran will want to back trusts fuel. In this time, the United States apply pressure to Turkiye.
In summary, Turkiye will be faced with a dilemma in this game. Turkiye‘s leader role in this game is very big mistake. In this big mistake, share of Islamism ideology plays an significant role.

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