Russia is painting the Green Belt of the United States to red!

The Second Green Belt Organization of the United States which had organized Islamic countries against Russia and China since 1950’s ended in failure. Because, The United States took amiss the Green Belt of NATO as Islamist Belt, ruined its traditional supporters and allies in the region and lost them.

Nowadays, a big threat has developed in the Middle East: The Red Belt of Russia. Russia has been painting the Green Belt of the United States to red since recent years. Let’s see the details of this issue.

  • Egypt: Although everyone thinks that the coup was made by the United States, in fact The Nasserist Officers has made this coup in Egypt. The United States Government submitted to the decision of Egyptian Army. There were Arab nationalists and pro-Russian groups in Egyptian Army for long established. For example Cemaatu’l Fenniyetu’l Askeriye (The Technical Army Group) was one of them and linked to Russian Intelligence Service. Nowadays, some of top-ranking officers are criticizing the United States which supported Mursi in the beginning. Mursi is stood accused of crime of lese majesty and collaboration with the enemy. Of course this enemy was none other than the United States. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu were in Cairo for talks that are expected to expand cooperation with Egypt two weeks ago. Shoigu was the first Russian defense minister to travel here since 1971. Also, Egyptian Army took the decision of military purchases (about 2 billion $) from Russia, follows a decision by the US to suspend much of a billion dollar military aid package. Russia is not taking payment to heart. I think that Egypt will be forced to pay its cost with political and military concessions related to Alexandria Harbour and Suez Canal. Nationalist El-Watan NewsPaper, called Russia a “Great Military Power” equal to the US, even suggesting that Russian-made weapons could be “more environmentally-friendly”. We know that Russia was Egypt’s closest ally during the presidency of Nasser, who ruled from 1956 until his death in 1970.
  • The Mediterranean: Russian Mediterranean Fleet to be expanded to 11 warships in the last days. Also the “Varyag,” flagship of Russia’s Pacific Fleet, and “Pyotr Veliky”, the nation’s most powerful nuclear-powered battleship, were moved into the Mediterranean Sea. Russian Naval Forces became more powerful than the United States Naval Forces in the Mediterranean.
  • The Southern Greek Region of Cyprus: Russia has established strong ties with The Southern Greek Region of Cyprus since the 2000s for turning the island into a foothold on the Mediterranean stage. They further enhanced their ties with the signing of additional economic and political agreements. The export of The Southern Greek Region of Cyprus to Russia has steadily increased, from €10.6 million in 2004 to €28.8 million in 2011. It remained a secondary partner for Russian trade with the Mediterranean, far behind Turkiye and Israel. They have maintaining close defense ties since 1996. Greeks purchased two Russian SAM S-300 systems, but they were eventually based in Crete, under Greek control. Then Athens purchased six Tor-M1 SAM systems from Russia for The Southern Greek Region of Cyprus. The Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, in particular–with its strategic location as a lock on maritime routes to the Levant–have long been of strategic importance to Moscow. In January 2013, Russian large-scale naval drills in the Eastern Mediterranean were held. The purpose of these drills was both to deter the West from launching a military operation in Syria and to show Moscow’s support for The Southern Greek Region of Cyprus. The Southern Greek Region of Cyprus has thus became a small Russia in the Mediterranean.
  • Syria: While the United States was ruining his allies with a light heart in the Middle East, Russia succeed to save Syria’s life which was its old ally. It refused the bribe of Saudi Arabia for Latakia and Tartus Harbours. Russia has sold Syria highly advanced rocket launchers, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-ship missiles against potential air strikes of NATO. Recently, Syrian Army which is supported by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Iraq is gaining strength slowly. Alternatively, The Opposition of Syria is splitting gradually into hundreds petty factions. They are fighting mostly for money. Every day, they are receiving money as a reward for their bombs such as in Damascus, in Beirut where was a big explosion targeting Iranian Embassy in last week.   As long as the war continues, they continue to win and do not coalesce around a single belief against Syrian Government.
  • Jordan: Jordan was interested in locally assembling Russian-designed helicopters and anti-tank missile systems. It has already launched licensed production of Russian-designed Nashab RPG-32 portable rocket-propelled grenade launchers in May 2013. It is manufacturing RPG-32 Hashim Launchers as part of a joint venture with Russia. Also, Jordan announced that it has selected Russian state-owned firm Rosatom as its preferred vendor to construct two nuclear power plants by 2022.
  • Iraq: Maliki Government had begun receiving arms from Russia under a historic $4.3-billion deal that was signed last year. Russia became the second-largest arms supplier of Iraq after the United States. Everyone knows that Maliki Government has very strong and secret ties with Iran.
  • Iran: Iran is the closest ally of Russia in the Middle East. Both of them succeed to save their mutual interests in the last decade. Let’s be assured that, Iran will have nuclear weapons in the near future by courtesy of Russia.
  • Turkiye: Especially Turkish people has doubted the United States for long time. A lot of people have been holding the United States responsible for political tension and events since the last decade. For this reason, pro-eastern (Russia and China) ideas and the opposition against NATO have been increased especially among educated people. Leftist groups showed a big improvement in big cities and universities. Relations in the field of tourism and economy are very strong but political and military relations are a comedy between Russia and Turkiye.

Let’s get back to the point, The Big Middle East Project is turning into The Big Russian Project very quickly. The United States had prospered by selling weapons to war zones during fifty years. Now, Russia has been getting rich by selling cheaper and more powerful weapons in recent years.

These days, the big threat is not only Al Qaida groups, but also Russia in the Middle East.


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