The Opposition merges, Russia has difficulty in Syria!

After the two-faced policies of the United States that carries on the Middle East long decades, with the entering of Russia to Syrian War directly, the balances changed in the region. US lost the street credit and the initiative passed into the hands of Russia. Russia’s air operations have created a great fear in Syria, especially around Aleppo and accelerated the migration from the region. Russia is using high explosive bombs in a attempt to…

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"The Opposition merges, Russia has difficulty in Syria!"

The US Policy Strengthens Russia and Iran!

Iran has been proclaimed as the biggest enemy by the United States since the 1980s. The fact remains that no US military operation would not hurt Iran until now. On the contrary, countries and groups which are against Iran were damaged due to US policies in the region. The Taliban Movement in Afghanistan was established by the United States. The Taliban was Iran’s biggest fear. It damaged Iran’s influence along the common border. When Taliban…

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"The US Policy Strengthens Russia and Iran!"