Who does support The Islamic State?

We all remember well what Taliban did before the invasion of Afghanistan. The world’s two largest standing Buddha statues were blown up by the Taliban in Central Afghanistan. Towards the 2000s, our television news was awash with Taliban actions. Women who wear Burka and long-bearded Muslims, whom we thought that they were living only in Afghanistan, used to put fear in our hearts. Therefore, when the United States invaded Afghanistan, nobody didn’t find strange, even…

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"Who does support The Islamic State?"

New Afghanistan in the Middle East!

Afghanistan was one of the most significant factors which led to collapse of the Soviet Union. The United States had organized Islamists in the region to break the Soviet occupation and they had also ended the occupation. However, not only Russians were defeated in Afghanistan but also the United States which found the largest Islamic organizations such as Hizb Al-Islam and Jamaat Al-Islam, later Taliban against Russia, which did not succeed. Now a New Afghanistan…

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"New Afghanistan in the Middle East!"

Conflict of Interest in the Middle East

With arrived Islamic state of Iraq and Levant which is known as Iraqi Al Qaeda, on the scene, the agenda of the Middle East has accelerated since Last year. Each country has different expectations and interests from this developments. These can be summarized as follows: Saudi Arabia and Gulf States have supported Sunni Arabs in both Syria and Iraq since time immemorial. After the U.S. withdrawal from Syria, Sunni Islamist Groups were supported very much…

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"Conflict of Interest in the Middle East"

Islamist Groups in Syria

Who is fighting with who in Syria? Who are Al Qaeda, The İslamic State of Iraq and Levant, The Al Nusra Front, The Syrian Islamic Front and The Free Syrian Army? Why are Islamic groups fighting? There has been a serious informational convergence and confusion at the table for the general public and the media. First of all we need to know that Assad Management which is dominated by Nusayri minority that has 12 percent…

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"Islamist Groups in Syria"