Muslim Brotherhood Block in the Next Decade

The World balances and its policy changing after September 11 also have altered significantly Turkiye and the Middle East in ten years. İn the current situation, we can sort the most basic features of Turkiye and the Middle East. ◊ United Stated and NATO are planning to build a new Light Green Belt in the Greater Middle East. On the basis of this generation, There are National Vision Movement (Milli Gorus, from Turkey) and its…

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"Muslim Brotherhood Block in the Next Decade"

Ethnic and Religious Division

Results of the referendum on September 12, carries the scars of ethnic and religious division. BDP’s election boycott which is recognized by everyone is the PKK’s political extension showed the effectiveness the separatist Kurdish movement in the Southeast. The goal of Kurdish PKK movement is to win of 37 seats vicinity in future elections. Referendum has managed to combine Islamist organizations, communities and sects under one roof in Turkey. The conservative nationalists in Central Anatolia…

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"Ethnic and Religious Division"