Light Green Line Project

We know the Green Line which is founded by the leadership of the United States after the 1950s. There were many reasons of the Islamic Green Line that is thought based on religion as a shield against communism. The most important one of them was to keep away the Warsaw Pact from the oil regions. However more important one was the idea of re-making economic and military colonial command of the US-led the Middle East…

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"Light Green Line Project"

Ethnic and Religious Division

Results of the referendum on September 12, carries the scars of ethnic and religious division. BDP’s election boycott which is recognized by everyone is the PKK’s political extension showed the effectiveness the separatist Kurdish movement in the Southeast. The goal of Kurdish PKK movement is to win of 37 seats vicinity in future elections. Referendum has managed to combine Islamist organizations, communities and sects under one roof in Turkey. The conservative nationalists in Central Anatolia…

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"Ethnic and Religious Division"

U.S. and UK in the back of Regional Threats

There is a important strategy that is implemented in the last 20 years by bilateral alliance consisting of the United States and Britain: The Existence Strategy with Threats. With this strategy, firstly, to create threat and then to interfere it are realized Communism was the most significant threat until the 1980s. The Islamic Green Belt was established against communism by the United States, began to collapse after 1970. The United States was behind of anti-communist…

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"U.S. and UK in the back of Regional Threats"

Political Islamists Turkish Foreign Policy

Everybody knows that the aggressive policies of the Zionist government of Israel and watching for years. Conservative Jews emigrated to Israel in the whole world, and Israeli society is becoming more and more religious. Liberal Jews are leaving the country and settling in the rich world. Because this, the Israeli government is getting more and more conservatives. As is the case, we should not be surprised that they do. Actually, to be surprised is that…

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"Political Islamists Turkish Foreign Policy"

Psychological Operation is managed by the United States

After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the United States launched a psychological operation against Turkiye. Let’s look at a brief history before this explains psychological struggle. As we know, Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union was in the most intense period in the 1970s. U.S. had created a green -Islamic- line with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Turkiye to stop the Soviet Union. In 1974 Afghanistan and in 1978 Iran…

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"Psychological Operation is managed by the United States"