The West splits, Russia strengthens!

In the last decade, the operations and projects of which were carried out by the United States and Western countries brought many Islamic countries to the point of disintegration. The Arab Spring that will be bring democracy to countries turned the lives of Muslims to winter.

The overthrow of dictators in like Libya, Egypt and Tunisia was a breakthrough which long-awaited for decades. But, the colonialism enthusiasm of Western countries flared up again after the Orange revolutions. Every Western country began to support the political and religious groups which are close to their self Instead of the promotion of justice and democracy. So social balance was broke down and political groups which has strong support have made brutal policies against opposition groups. Also Russia which wanted to cause the United States and Western countries to fail, has fueled this fire by secretly supporting some political and terrorist groups.

Libya is rapidly heading towards disintegration. European countries such as France and Italy are supporting tribes in the east of Libya. East Libya which based in Benghazi is trying to be independent with its rich water resources, industry and oil prosperities. Western countries are supporting political groups here, they are arming young people and they are carrying secret agreements. Europeans have already begun to use the region’s name as Cyrenaica being was in ancient Greek era. Fezan region in where also Tuaregs (African Desert Turks) have been living is unclaimed. Northern West Libya where its capital Tripoli is in a real conflict.

Tunisia is a little more luck thanks to it has a population of intellectually. After the Arab revolution, Muslim Brotherhood’s repressive rule did not last long. Currently the country is leading a consensus government. Because it is a very small country, it has no danger of division.

Egypt was the scene of an administrative and religious parser at the period of Muslim Brotherhood which came to power after Hosni Mubarak. Whereas there has been a very wide political spectrum from Coptic Christians to pro-Western groups in Egypt. Nasserist officers with the support of Russia overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood with the support of the United States. Current management as well as former, is trying to crush the opposition with hatred and vengeance. Alexandra and Sinai regions have been continuing to oppose to the Central government in Cairo.

Civil war in Syria is continuing low-intensity now. After the liquidation of chemical weapons in Syria, the country can be divided quickly together with the fall. Kurds in the North East and Islamists in the North West have established their dominant areas.

Israel’s regional strategy is in favor of the continuation of the conflict environment. Therefore, it is secretly supporting both the Assad government and Islamist groups. It does not want to be much stronger of Al Nusra Front, but it also finds useful Nusra’s fighting against Hezbollah. Hence, it is giving indirect support to the Nusra Front on the outskirts of Damascus, Kunaitra and Lebanon. In fact, Chemical Attack in Ghouta which has billed to the Nusra Front was carried out by Mossad manipulation.

Somehow, democracy request of the United States and Western countries is not expressed to the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. These countries in where women have not the right to use the car in some, have managed by fully Kingdom. In contrast, they are closest friends of the United States and Western countries. These countries have been supporting the United States’ and Western capital as both oil sellers as well as buyers of weapons. This hypocritical policy has to lead to the development of hostility towards the United States and Western among intellectuals in the Islamic world.

In contrast, in the last decade, While the United States and the West are burying their heads in the Islamic world, Russia which is the United States’ global rival has gained great power in Latin America. Many Latin American countries from Mexico to Chile have been quickly arming by Russia. No longer ago than last week, the Russian companies have made major new arms agreements in the International Air and Space Fair in Santiago. Chile has brought $14 billion worth of weapons from Russia in the last 12 years. Last year, Peru signed a $500 million deal to buy weapons. Russia and Brazil will closely cooperate together until the end of 2015. The two countries decided to develop the production of many weapons included Medium Extended Air Defense System and Pantsir-S1 tanks as partners. Likewise Russia has sold $12 billion worth of weapons to Venezuela.

While the United States both is selling weapons to his friends and driving forward political demands, Russia is running together ideological and military cooperation with friends.

If the United States and Western countries want to remain of the Islamic world on the Western front, they must be defend justice, peace, law and women’s rights. They should be slanted towards their social unity rather than shred. Today, Muslim societies are faced with ignorance, war, radicalism, moral corruption and violent threats as never before in history. Those claiming to be friends with the Islamic world, should primarily make joint efforts in these matters.

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