New Strategy of ISAF for Afghanistan

ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), began a large operation to break Taliban activity in Afghanistan the past month. U.S. President Obama is targeting to disable the radical Taliban forces, to transfer military control of the Karzai government and to withdraw troops by the end of 2010. Does the United States and the West reached this goal?

ISAF was established under the leadership of NATO was a security force by the UN Security Council on 20 December 2001, from behind September 11 Attack. Before that also a meeting has been in Bonn, Germany and the pro-Western leaders outside the Taliban were brought together.

In the first years, serious conflicts was not in Afghanistan because the main objective of United States is Iraq. ISAF, only sought to protect the capital Kabul. Since 2005, conflicts weakened in Iraq and gradually increased in Afghanistan. As of today, the Coalition’s military losses are 4698 in Iraq, the number of U.S. wounded is 31616. ISAF military losses are  1666 in Afghanistan and the number of U.S. wounded is 9496. and the number of dead and wounded accelerated from three times the output from 2009 May. The biggest casualties of the countries are U.S., UK and Canada.

It is said as a struggle for the freedom of the Iraqi and Afghanistan War obviously are an Anglo-Saxon war.

It is said as a struggle for the freedom of the Iraqi and Afghanistan War obviously are an Anglo-Saxon war. Germany and France have great weight in Europe, China and Russia have stronger in Asia. The main objective of the Anglo-Saxon is to dominate Middle East and Middle Asia geography and wealth.
With in the first major operation beginning 2010 of ISAF, it is targeted capturing of Helmand province in which was gave the biggest loss. After this, neighboring Kandahar province will became the next target. The settlement of Helmand province is in case of a long corridor and both sides are made up of the desert region. Therefore, ISAF progress will be easy despite casualties in this area. However, the settlement of Kandahar is a very common area. It will receive a lot of time to fully control. Therefore we can expect that the actual conflicts may occur in the coming days. When the Forces mainly switch to Kandahar,  the Taliban movement will move again to Helmand.

We know well that Afghan war not only between ISAF and the Taliban. When the conflicts intense in Kandahar, anti-US action will increase in other areas and in countries like Iraq, Pakistan, India. It is very difficult that achieving of the USA’s aims until the end of 2010. Can Obama withstand the conflicts and losses longer? We will show it in the next time.

However, it is a fact that the United States policy has lived a complete mess last decade. It defiance their long friendship for short-term interests and, has made alliances with smaller forces. Maybe, there is no policy that US would make.

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