The PKK terrorist organization is ally with the Latin American Communists!

Supporters of the PKK terrorist organization have celebrated a flashy Nowruz again in the framework of the resolution process that have continued in recent years. This Nowruz was different from previous ones and it has been showing the roadmap and allies of the PKK terrorist organization in the next. Representatives of ETA from Spain and Marxist-Leninist guerrilla organizations from Latin America have attended and their spokesman has given speeches.

In the message of Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces Movement (FARC-EP) were the following statements :

We are sending our fraternal revolutionary greetings to our Kurdish brothers, their political representatives and the guerillas with the occasion of the new year festival, Nowruz. We wish the Kurdish people to success in its anti-imperialist and national struggle for peace and unity of its people. Like us, you are trying to establish great motherland which will allow to achieve a prosperous and democratic future. We will be able to demolish the non-human discrimination and exploitation, others exposing us, when our peoples could decide the master of their own destiny. Like FARC-EP’s men and women guerrillas, you are in the dialog process which is progressing through the efforts of Kurdish people and their leader Abdullah Ocalan. Both you and we are struggling to achieve peace with social justice with dialogue and in the most painless way, possible for our people. We wish you success in your mission. We indicate that we are in solidarity with male and female detainees. We hope to crown your objectives with victory in a short time.

Flora Aguilar, The Group President of Movement for Socialism Party (MAS) which is in management in Bolivia, said in her speech:

I greet with the most heartfelt emotions all the Kurdish people, all the people of Kurdistan. I brought our revolutionary greetings all the Kurdish people from Bolivia. We are here to share the oppressed peoples’ struggle with you… We advocate the unity of the world’s peoples. We call all the world’s people to unite against capitalism, imperialism and colonialism. We greet all political prisoners who are struggling against capitalism and are in currently in prison. We want freedom for them. We also want freedom for Mr. Ocalan.

Let us know this movement in Bolivia with whom the PKK terrorist organization has established close relations, well.

Bolivia is still ruled by a socialist movement which is pro-Russian and anti-USA. Evo Morales who is the leader of this movement was elected President with a vote as high as 53% in 2005. He has released Coca production which is the world’s largest source of cocaine. He has made land reform and he has distributed tractors to farmers. He has ended Free Trade Agreement with the United States. He has formed a close friendship with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. He has nationalized oil and gas resources in his country and then he has made a deal with Russia’s Gazprom Company valued at 4,5 billion dollars. He expelled the U.S. ambassador in his country in 2008. He increased his votes to 64% in elections in December 2009.

With Morales who himself is a coca farmer, the raw material production for cocaine in Bolivia has reached enormous proportions. Many senior bureaucrats who are in management were infected due to drug traffic offenses. In February 2011, former DEA Chief Rene Sanabria in Bolivia was arrested with the charge of making drug trade in Panama.

Bolivian President Morales declared that he will grant Snowden who is NSA agent asylum in 2013. For this reason, while he was coming back from the Natural Gas Summit in Russia, France, Portugal, Spain and Italy closed their airspace for Morales because of suspicions of Snowden’s being with together Morales. Morales’s plane made a forced landing to Austria and he remained here under custody for 13 hours. As it is known, Snowden had demanded asylum to Moscow and then Snowden’ asylum had been accepted by Russia.

Morales supports Assad government in Syria and he makes common cause with Russia in international politics. In December 2014, presidential election will be held in Bolivia and it has been saying that Morales’ votes are about 40%.

Like Bolivia, the PKK terrorist organization is one of the most important supporters for narco terrorism in the Middle East. The organization’s funding is largely met with this way. Drugs, produced in Afghanistan, have been firstly transferred to Iran through Zahedan city. From here, Sunni Mafia Groups have been taking drugs and have been delivering it to PJAK (which is the extension of the PKK terrorist organization) in Mahabad region. Drugs have been brought to the Turkish borders and Qandil mountains with the help of PJAK. PJAK have been transporting to Europe via Turkiye, Iraq, Syria, South Cyprus Greek and Greece. In the past, the PKK terrorist organization and Assad government had been jointly conducted drug traffic and historical artifacts. For this purpose, They had established common bases in Latakia, Lebanon and South Cyprus Greek. The Russian Mafia which is managing the Russian bureaucracy today, had been taking a significant share from this trade.

 With April, the PKK terrorist organization are preparing to venture autonomy in the provinces where it will take higher votes. Like three cantons which are built in Syria, it is planning to build cantons in Turkiye. In such a sensitive environment, Russia provokes both Assad government and Iraqi Al Qaeda organization against Turkiye to rekindle the fire of revolution.

In short, the PKK terrorist organization and Russia –with the pray of their Latin American friends- are getting ready for Kurdistan revolution. The United States does not see that the fire initiated in the Middle East, will burn himself with its friends in the region. It should be known very well that If a Kurdish state is established in the region, a pro-Russian terrorist state under the domination of the PKK terrorist organization will emerge. In such a case, even the Barzani family will search a country to seek refuge in Europe.

Like the Middle East peoples which betrayed Ottoman, The Kurds who are serving to the PKK terrorist organization, will not be able to escape from the curse and the persecution for centuries.

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