The PKK terrorist organization is ally with the Latin American Communists!

Supporters of the PKK terrorist organization have celebrated a flashy Nowruz again in the framework of the resolution process that have continued in recent years. This Nowruz was different from previous ones and it has been showing the roadmap and allies of the PKK terrorist organization in the next. Representatives of ETA from Spain and Marxist-Leninist guerrilla organizations from Latin America have attended and their spokesman has given speeches. In the message of Colombian Revolutionary…

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"The PKK terrorist organization is ally with the Latin American Communists!"

Middle East War Ready!

The U.S. and the West’s Middle East objectives were clear that are firstly to bring down Syria and then Iran with help of the Kurdish Alliance in the region. Israel’s greatest fear was announced: Iran will have nuclear weapons before entering the 2013 summer season. Unfortunately, the U.S. and the West’s plans are not going as expected as in for Iraq and Afghanistan. The Syrian rebellion which lasted for almost two years could not achieve…

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"Middle East War Ready!"

The Kurdish Strategy of The United States

Now everyone agrees plan to establish a Kurdish state by the Western World in the Middle East.  Kurdish federations which will be established on the territory of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will be the political foundations of the United Kurdish State on the Middle East. Iraqi Kurdish Federation which state was not officially has been established de facto. It has been in existence with its own army, treasury, flag, the state mechanism and all…

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"The Kurdish Strategy of The United States"

Yes, Obama said: Problems will be solved in 2010!

When Obama came to power, everyone was waiting that he will execute a policy more democratic and moderate. In Bush era, the military threat-based policies gave rise to anxiety all over the world and U.S. hostility had increased particularly in the Islamic World. Iraq and Afghanistan policies of the United States were going to collapse. Let’s examine the main problems that Obama have to solve and the possible their consequences: There are two major problems…

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"Yes, Obama said: Problems will be solved in 2010!"