Is Turkey killing Kurds in Syria?

Turkey operations carried out in north-east Syria, alarmed the Western countries . Western societies think that “Turks kill Kurds”. Is that the truth? The Kurds have been working at all levels of the Turkish state for years. There are many Turkish citizens of Kurdish origin at the level of bureaucrats, statesmen or ministers. Right or Left parties all have Kurdish MPs and make up the majority. Besides, there is a terrorist organization called PKK in…

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"Is Turkey killing Kurds in Syria?"

Russia doesn’t care neither Assad nor the Kurds!

Russia’s invasion that launched in Syria on 30 September, is continuing. Russia is only bombing Syrian Sunni Opposition Groups out of a few ISIS attack, only for show. The United States, France, England, Germany and Israel –in an interesting way- only watching Russia’s civilian massacres. The West is very silent after the invasion of Ukraine and Crimea by Russia. In fact, every country is thinking only of its own interests in the Middle East. Most…

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"Russia doesn’t care neither Assad nor the Kurds!"

The PKK terrorist organization is ally with the Latin American Communists!

Supporters of the PKK terrorist organization have celebrated a flashy Nowruz again in the framework of the resolution process that have continued in recent years. This Nowruz was different from previous ones and it has been showing the roadmap and allies of the PKK terrorist organization in the next. Representatives of ETA from Spain and Marxist-Leninist guerrilla organizations from Latin America have attended and their spokesman has given speeches. In the message of Colombian Revolutionary…

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"The PKK terrorist organization is ally with the Latin American Communists!"

Kurdish state would serve the interests of Russia!

The biggest mistake of the United States in the last half century was its collaboration with Islamists and Kurds. While the alliance with the Islamists is making pro-Western groups hostile to the U.S., its alliance with Kurds turned away the Middle Eastern Arabs from the United States. The United States was successful partially in its short-term plans, but the long-term developments have evolved to the detriment of the United States always. In this regard, Let…

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"Kurdish state would serve the interests of Russia!"