Russia doesn’t care neither Assad nor the Kurds!

Russia’s invasion that launched in Syria on 30 September, is continuing. Russia is only bombing Syrian Sunni Opposition Groups out of a few ISIS attack, only for show. The United States, France, England, Germany and Israel –in an interesting way- only watching Russia’s civilian massacres. The West is very silent after the invasion of Ukraine and Crimea by Russia.

In fact, every country is thinking only of its own interests in the Middle East. Most people don’t care the people living and dying in the region. Only Turkiye opens its doors to the Syrian people regardless of race and religious differences. Nobody can understand the pain of mothers and father who are hugging their children and babies that killed by Russia and Assad bombs.

Russia is not fighting neither for Assad nor the Kurds. On the one hand it is helping the PYD & PKK terrorist organizations for their fighting against the Opposition groups in Efrin region, on the other hand it is ruthlessly bombing Kurdish villages on the Kurd Mountain. Nobody knows the Kurds murdered by Russian warplanes.

Russia has directed its all attacks on Northern Syria. An important part of the southern Syria seized by the opposition groups. Many of the larger neighborhoods of the capital Damascus are under the control of the oppositions.

The only goal of Russia is to secure the Latakia and Tartus that are cities of its military bases. Russia is trying to establish a small Russian Zone in Latakia, because Syria will be divided into several parts near future. Thus, it is trying to seize Turkmen and Kurd Mountains that are the strategic threat to this region.

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