Are Muslims really Muslims?

Who is representing Islam for those being non-Muslim? When it is looked up from outside of the Muslim world, are they the Iranian Mullahs who comes to mind firstly. In academic words, is it Shia Jafari culture? Or is it Taliban who has grabbed the attention of world opinion once? Or is it any branch of Shiism, such as Alevis, Durzis, Ismailiyya and many more whom Sunni Muslims nearly see in deviance? Or is it Saudi Islam whom again Sunni Muslims define as Wahhabi? Or are they Salafists or the Muslim Brotherhood who are accusing each other in disbelief in Pakistan, Yemen, the Middle East and South Africa, Although all of them are Sunni? Or are they ISHID, Al Nusra, Al Qaida who kill each other for the sake of God? Or is it Hezbollah? Or are they Naqshbandis, Kadiris, Nursits and Sects who have been rapidly expanding in recent years? We can count even more, there are dozens of Muslim society which see only they are on “God Path”. They accuse anybody of perversion, even of heretic except their own selves and consider permissible to kill them.

Has there been a document In the hands of one of these groups? Or has there been a license or a verse given to them by God? In fact, there has been the Quran in the hands of all of them. That is Quran which has been read by most of them without knowing its meaning, and which has been repeated without changing one letter of it for centuries. That is Quran which Hazrat Umar was killed when he was reading it in the mosque. That is Quran which Muslims inserted it at the top of their spears fighting against Hazrat Ali. That is Quran which a Muslim was using when attacking another Muslim throughout history. That is Quran which we could get an opportunity to read its Turkish translation only after Ataturk. That is Quran which never we could understand its spirit and philosophy.

It is a religious society shattered with sects, cults and communities. It is the understanding of Muslim society whom each one sees that themselves as the best Muslim as believing the fabulation of “My ummah is seventy three sects and only one of them is salvation but the remaining seventy two are in hell”.

As Muslims have criticized other divine religions for centuries. We keep telling that “Christians strayed from the teachings of Jesus and the Jews strayed from the path of Moses”. Well, if Muslims strayed from the path of the Prophet Muhammad?”

Are we path of Holy Prophet who says “If I had gold as much as Mount Uhud, we would have dole it to needers before arriving in the morning”? Or are we on the pursuit of gold and foreign exchange?

Are we on path of that Prophet who was able to forgive a person who emboweled his uncle Hazrat Hamza’s heart and a people who left him behind in blood by stoning, and who did not kill any people even in war throughout his life? Or are we burning with the feeling of revenge and hatred.

Those who suppose that the Prophet’s beard is Islam as leaving his morality, do they extend their hair to shoulders-length or do they wear loose robes which are always on the knee like him? Can we understand the difference between morality and culture and the thick line between to be Arab and to be Islamize?

Can we affect new Alhambras and Renaissances like Avicenna, Farabi and Ibn Rushd by companionship of mind and science? Or do we still try to solve our problems by praying in mosques and Umrahs.

Did we ever think that we are away from the religion of Allah like others whom we blamed for centuries? If those whom we blamed were streets ahead from us in science, technology, production, fairness and even honesty; Does the mistake belong to us or our believes?

To sum up, is the problem in Islam or in Muslims?

Are we really Muslims as Muslims?

Let’s think a little by using our Mind which is mentioned as The Most Great Evidence of God (Huccetullahi’l Baliga) in Quran.

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