USA & PKK are being deported to Kirkuk and the US made military aid to Daesh.

The US and the PKK Terrorist Organization started deploying in the Barzani region against the Iraqi Central Government’s Havica & Kirkuk Operation.

As it is known, the Iraqi Forces have started operations in the Havica area covering the southern western part of the city of Kirkuk for the last month and have seized half of the region. After the Iraqi government took Kirkuk’s Governor who is Kurdish origin from 13-year-old and began military preparations for the region, the US & PKK Alliance helped Barzani become isolated.

USA and the PKK Terrorist Organization which is on Peshmerga’s shoulder were deployed near the Dakuk town against the Hashd Shabi forces in which are active in the Turkmen towns such as Amerli and Tuzhurmatu. In the meantime, it is important to note that; There are many Shiite Turkmen in the Hashd Shabi powers who are affiliated with the Shiite Religious Leader Sistani who is Iraqi Turkmen origin. These forces continue to save and protect many Turkmen towns against Barzani forces and the PKK Terrorist Organization. While The United States cooperating with a terrorist organization such as PKK; she wants to break the activity of Hashd Shabi and try to promote Hashd Shabi forces as a terrorist organization in Turkey and in the world public.

On the other hand, it is noted that a significant portion of thousands of US troops sent by the United States to the PKK terrorist organization have been transferred to the Daesh Terrorist Network. After the last logistical support of the United States, the Daesh Terrorist Organization has again attacked a wide area from DeirEzZor to Suknah town in Syria and has taken over many areas in the last few days. As is known, within the last few months, the Syrian forces in support of Russia had cleared the area up to DeirEzZor from the Daesh Terrorist Network.

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