Iran’s Number is up after Syria!

The Greater Middle East Project which accelerated in the early 2000s and the Arab Spring which started in 2010, has seemed blocked in Syria. The main reason of this situation is that the Eastern Front has took part in Syrian war against the Western Front. Russia and Iran are bearing down on not to lose the war.

At this point, we should keep in mind that important assessment: Syrian Oppositions were going to win the war immediately before ISIL Project, Iranian and Russian invasion. However, the ending of the war in this way was not in accordance with the United States and Israel’s interests. The central objective is annihilation of Iran and Hezbollah at the last point. The extension of the Middle East War was intended for the entering of Iran and Hezbollah to Syria. The discourse of “Anti-Assad” has been suspended. Iranian nuclear facilities have been frozen by making an agreement. The economic growth of Russia and Iran has been paused by driving oil prices down with Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. They have silenced about the entering of Iran and Hezbollah to Syria. It has caused Russian invasion and made some secret agreements.

Now, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are waging the war with great eagerness for all that their old technology military forces and the worsening economy. This war will not finish a victory of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Assad or Abadi. Israel never prefer to become neighbors with a Victorious Hezbollah and Iran which settled in Damascus. Russia and its allies will lose their power while the war lasted.

Kurds are still only a stooge as well as throughout history. While Barzani has been kept alive with the dream of independence, especially the PYD & PKK & PJAK have been protected for Iran by the United States. US prepares these groups for Iranian Civil War. February elections in Iran may be a prelude to political unrest.

The Pentagon seeks the war at least another two years. In the meantime, events in the region is developing very fast. On the one hand Iran plans to increase oil production to increase its oil revenue, on the other hand Russia tries to reduce oil production to raise oil prices. 2016 and especially 2017 will be a nightmare year for the Russian economy. Although Iran has planned that how to spend its $ 100 billion which will release after disembargo, Strafor has begun to whisper some news about “Iran’s Nuclear Stirrings”. Iran has accelerated its ballistic missile program. The delivery of Russian S-300 air defense systems to Iran and the preparing land forces for Coalition by Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries are signs that the Middle East War will expand.

Unexpected developments may bring forward the planned date for Iranian internal turmoil. Therefore, the solidarity between the Russia and PKK & PYD is fruitless. Kurds in the Middle East War are nemesis for Syria, Iran and Iraq governments; as well as they are a war pawn for the US and the West.

In the region, those who deployed over wide areas which cannot be control, will be used up in this lands.

How will be Russia’s condition after Iran, as we see it!

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