The New Military Base of the United States in the Heart of Kurdistan!

We can see nowadays the results of many issues which we could not make sense yesterday. Therefore, we need to have some predictions about the developments which we can not make sense today.

The United States had built a large military base against the threat of the Taliban in Afghanistan, after 9/11. Bagram Air Base which was established in the north of Kabul carries the meaning to serve against Russia and the Central Asia rather than the Taliban.

The United States spent a long thinking and testing process about how can she control the region again, after the failures of Afghanistan and Iraq. The Wind of Arab Spring which was started from Tunisia, stopped in Syria. Now, not only Afghanistan Government, but also Iraqi Shiite Government does not want the United States.

According to this new situation, The United States turned a blind eye to the emergence of the Sunni Threat against Shiite Threat. Russia is trying to direct the game with some Sunni groups which under its control. The United States is trying to establish a Sunni Coalition against the ISIL Threat which emerged in its control. The United States firstly came to an agreement with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. It has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia about using airports.

The United States is not planning a temporary military operation in the region. It creates a new and long-term strategy for the future. There have been the establishment of Kurdistan and a New Big Military Base on the basis of the Middle East Strategy of the United States. The psychological operations has already begun in this topic. A review was published in The Wall Street, under the title of “Our Non-Ally in Ankara. Turkey bugs out of the anti-ISIS coalition. Why not a base in Kurdistan?”. The most important statements in the review were as follows:

The better bet is with the Kurds, who have the most on the line and are willing to provide the boots on the ground that others can’t or won’t. Incirlik has been a home for U.S. forces for nearly 60 years, but perhaps it’s time to consider replacing it with a new U.S. air base in Kurdish territory in northern Iraq. America may no longer have friends in Ankara, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have options in the Middle East.

Although Americans blame Turkiye in this issue, some NATO countries such as British and Germany also do not give support to the Military Operation. In fact, we don’t think that the United States is very friendly about Turkiye’s assistance. When more than 40 diplomats taken hostage by ISIL, the United States did not help Turkiye.

When the United States decided to invade Iraq, She had never wanted the coming of Turkiye into Iraq. Even, she had received some assurances about that “Turkiye will not fall below a certain buffer zone in Iraq border” by making a secret deal with the Turkish government.

The United States wants to see Turkiye as an attendant in Iraq, not a partner. The New Base Area which the United States considers settling is also Turkmen lands in Iraq. The US probably will going to settle in the foot of Sincar mountains (north or south), Telafer region. This area is between Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in the middle of Esad and Mosul Dams and at the pipeline route, from Mosul to Mediterranean.

In the circumstances, many suspicions come to mind. We wonder that if the United States turned a blind eye to the taking hostage of Turkish diplomats or helped?

Turkish society are uncomfortable with the United States’ unfriendly behaviors. PKK Terrorist Organization which will lead to the division of Turkiye, was nearly finished before the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Turkiye had not seen any seriously support from the United States and Western friends, while fighting with the PKK Terrorist Organization. Contrary to this, the United States and Western countries have been forcing to Turkiye to make reconciliation with a Terrorist organization, openly or secretly.

There is no need to say another word. The United States is preparing to establish a large military base in the heart of Kurdistan.

Good luck the United States with new regional allies, Kurds and PKK Terrorist Organization. Good luck Kurds with their master in the new century!…

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