AlBab Operation has completed in Syria

Turkish General Staff Akar explained that “Operation of ElBab has completed and the final cleaning has been carried out”. In this manner, the most important phase has been passed in The Euphrates Shield Operation, which started on 20 August 2016. Operation troops began cleaning the PYD & PKK Terrorist Organizations in the direction of Rumman Valley, Hirbat Zuveyn and Unayb Hill starting from Hazwan west of ElBab at the following hours. The new target is…

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"AlBab Operation has completed in Syria"

The United States guards Russia!

The struggle of Russia to survive is continuing after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The biggest supporter of Russia is unfortunately The United States. The USA which thinks that she could not control the Middle East and Europe alone, is struggling to keep up Russia as a threat and as well as a strategic partner. Russia which has economic difficulties since the 1990s, could not renew its old technology. The increasing oil revenues in…

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"The United States guards Russia!"

The Middle East Chess Game!

Great States, they often see each other’s cards. Just like the moves on a chessboard. You can see the other side’s move, but the only thing you can do is to convert this attack to success with your preemptive maneuver. International politics is a bit more complicated. The September 11 Attacks which have carried out with the collaboration of Russian and German intelligence was known by the United States. The Pentagon occupied Afghanistan and Iraq…

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"The Middle East Chess Game!"

Islamist Groups in Syria

Who is fighting with who in Syria? Who are Al Qaeda, The İslamic State of Iraq and Levant, The Al Nusra Front, The Syrian Islamic Front and The Free Syrian Army? Why are Islamic groups fighting? There has been a serious informational convergence and confusion at the table for the general public and the media. First of all we need to know that Assad Management which is dominated by Nusayri minority that has 12 percent…

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"Islamist Groups in Syria"

Russian Domination in the Middle East over the next decade!

The civil war which has been happening in Syria in recent years has begun to spread to Iraq in recent days. Also Chaos has spread beyond all of the southern border of Turkey. New actors have appeared in the region following the U.S. withdraw from Iraq in 2012. While Russia tries to stay close to the PKK Kurdish groups, Saudi Arabia is supporting the Sunnis. Barzani is still under the control of the Israeli and…

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"Russian Domination in the Middle East over the next decade!"