Is Osama Bin Laden Dead and Al Baghdadi The Heir?

Nowadays, our most important topic of discussion is ISIL, with its new name: The Islamic State organization. When The Taliban crossed swords with the United States in Afghanistan, Turkiye and world public opinion had knew this organization. Photos of women with burkas and Islamists who cut arm were served to all media organizations. Today, we are experiencing a similar period. Photos of the Islamic State organization that makes massacres and cut heads, are discussed on…

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"Is Osama Bin Laden Dead and Al Baghdadi The Heir?"

Irak ve Suriye Ağustos 2014

Her ne kadar Gazze konusu gündemi tümüyle işgal etse de, Ağustos 2014 itibariyle Irak ve Suriye‘de önemli gelişmeler devam ediyor. Irak Şam İslam Devleti (ISIL veya ISID), yeni adıyla İslam Devleti Irak’ta çok önemli mevziler ele geçirdi. Bunlardan en önemlisi, PKK terör örgütünün Kuzey Irak’taki en stratejik bölgelerinden biri olan Sincar kentiydi. Sincar artık İslam Devleti savaşçılarının eline geçti. Aynı şekilde, yine uzun yıllar PKK terör örgütünün -Uluslararası yardım kuruluşlarınca ayakta tutulan- Mahmur Kampı da…

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"Irak ve Suriye Ağustos 2014"

New Afghanistan in the Middle East!

Afghanistan was one of the most significant factors which led to collapse of the Soviet Union. The United States had organized Islamists in the region to break the Soviet occupation and they had also ended the occupation. However, not only Russians were defeated in Afghanistan but also the United States which found the largest Islamic organizations such as Hizb Al-Islam and Jamaat Al-Islam, later Taliban against Russia, which did not succeed. Now a New Afghanistan…

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"New Afghanistan in the Middle East!"

Conflict of Interest in the Middle East

With arrived Islamic state of Iraq and Levant which is known as Iraqi Al Qaeda, on the scene, the agenda of the Middle East has accelerated since Last year. Each country has different expectations and interests from this developments. These can be summarized as follows: Saudi Arabia and Gulf States have supported Sunni Arabs in both Syria and Iraq since time immemorial. After the U.S. withdrawal from Syria, Sunni Islamist Groups were supported very much…

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"Conflict of Interest in the Middle East"

Russia Plans The provocation of the aircraft and Al Qaeda!

Dangerous provocations have been done on the Turkish – Syrian borders in recent days. Border violation of two Syrian planes and attacks of Al Qaeda against Turkiye and the tomb of Suleiman Shah give important clues. Before to explain about Al Qaeda (ISIL) issue’s detail, let’s have a look at details of border violation which is overlooked. As everyone knows that two Syrian aircrafts which made flights on the Turkish – Syrian border are the…

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"Russia Plans The provocation of the aircraft and Al Qaeda!"