The Strategic Partnership between the PKK, Iran, Assad and Russia!

The beginning of Turkey’s air operations against the PKK Terror Organization after a long silence period has disturbed not only some Western countries but also Iran. In previous years, when Turkey started the operations against PKK terror camps, also Iran used to make operations against PKK terror camps in Iranian territories. Now, Iran prefers to remain silent during this period. The most important reason of this situation is that there is a strategic partnership between the PKK Terrorist Organization, Iran, Assad Management and Russia in the region.

After the beginning of civil war in Syria, in March 2011, Murat Karayilan who is a big ringleaders of PKK and Salih Muslim who is the leader of PYD had gone to Iran to make a strategic agreement about the future of Syrian Kurds in August 2011. According the agreement; “Hasakah Region will be given up in favor of PKK in exchange for PJAK which was the branch of PKK in Iran, will be abolished.” Indeed, Assad Army turned over the management to PKK in this region and PJAK took away its weapons. PKK + PJAK Camps (Sheidan, Piran, Zap, Hinere, Makhmur, Kozares, Kuran and Dambat) in Iran came into use only training camps. During the civil war, PKK and Assad Army helped each other. Assad Army held its own in Hasakah and Qamishli regions. PKK militants who were in Afrin, helped logistically to pro Assad Nubul and Zahra cities in northern Aleppo. In the previous days, PKK Terrorist Organization sent some armed militants to Dairazor for helping to Assad Army.

When the beginning of Turkey’s operations against PKK terrorist camps in Iraq, some terrorist leaders and militants escaped to these training camps in Iran. Also when Turkey took decision to establish a Safe Zone in northern Syria, Iran allowed to PKK Terrorist Organization for using these camps about military actions.

Russia and Iran declared that they will plump for Assad Management. There have been ten thousand special forces and mercenaries of Iran in Syria. According to Afghan Transport Minister’s statement: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, especially The Quds Force, has transferred a significant amount of armed Shiite militants with aircrafts leased from Afghanistan to Syria through Iran. On the other side, Russia special forces have been helping to Assad Army in Latakia region from the beginning of the civil war. The other strategic partner Lebanon Hezbollah has been fighting against opposition groups together Assad Army in the border line between Lebanon and Syria for a long time. Iranian Quds Force also has been helping to Hezbollah in this war from last two years.

The most important declaration in the last months was Salih Muslim’s statement. Muslim who is leader of PYD which is the branch of PKK Terrorist Organization in northern Syria, said that “when the conditions are suitable we can join Assad Army in future.”

As is known, PKK Terrorist Organization had established in Syria in 1979 and Syria Government had assisted this terrorist group from that day to this. Now these parties stepped into a strategic partnership with Iran and Russia again. Nowadays some PKK leaders returned to Damascus. The couriers and managers of terrorist group started using Damascus Airport to go to European countries because Turkey and Arbil roads were closed.

The another very important secret partnership among the PKK Terrorist Organization, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (especially Quds Force) and Syrian Military Intelligence Service is transporting of Drugs. The declining of oil prices had decreased Iran’s revenues. For this reason, these strategic partners established a defense fund with the revenues of drug in Syria. The PKK which is the biggest drug trafficker in the Middle East began using its old route : Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Northern Iraq, Northern Syria, Lebanon and Latakia, Greek Cypriot Region and Greece. Now, Iran, Hezbollah and the PKK Terrorist Organization start rearming. In the last air operations of Turkey, 80 percent of the PKK has been destroyed.

Nowadays these strategic partners are buying new weapons from Germany and Russia firms. On the one hand, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Assad Management are cooperating with the PKK Terrorist Organization; on the other hand the United States is collaborating with PYD which is the brunch of the PKK Terrorist Organization in the region.

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