Bloody Spring in the Middle East

While we are entering the spring season, the Middle East is entering a bloody period. There are many factors which will affect the region. We can order these factors as follows: • The U.S. is reducing military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and adopting a line of conduct of camouflaged war. • Iran is strengthening its political and military presence in Iraq and the gulf. • The environment of conflict and political tension is provoking…

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"Bloody Spring in the Middle East"

Yes, Obama said: Problems will be solved in 2010!

When Obama came to power, everyone was waiting that he will execute a policy more democratic and moderate. In Bush era, the military threat-based policies gave rise to anxiety all over the world and U.S. hostility had increased particularly in the Islamic World. Iraq and Afghanistan policies of the United States were going to collapse. Let’s examine the main problems that Obama have to solve and the possible their consequences: There are two major problems…

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"Yes, Obama said: Problems will be solved in 2010!"