Shia Sunni provocations in the Middle East

Along with the month of Muharram, we can say that provocation would increase between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in the Middle East. A new defense strategy was developed by the West after the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution. Just over 1 year, we had seen was a battle lasting more than 8 years between Iraq and Iran. A Sunni Shiite conflict doesn’t happen in Iraq. Iran as well as increased activity in the Gulf countries and…

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"Shia Sunni provocations in the Middle East"

The Middle East Operations in Autumn!

We are expecting very important developments in Autumn in the Middle East. In fact, these developments linked with each other will follow sort order because of behind the negotiations. Everyone knows that the primary goal of U.S. and NATO in the Middle East is Syria. Under the banner of the NATO, intervention to Syria is too close but there are several significant obstacles in front of the Western Alliance in this issue. The first of…

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"The Middle East Operations in Autumn!"

The future of Syria and the Middle East

Sequential revolutions continue in the Greater Middle East Project. Situation in Libya a little slowed down the process of this revolution. When the internal forces were unable to achieve success, NATO stepped in at that time. But, the power struggle between France and Turkey is blocking the effectiveness of NATO. If needed, France, Britain and the United States aim to overthrow Gaddafi with continental military force but Germany and Turkey is opposed to it.  But…

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"The future of Syria and the Middle East"

NATO Must Take Full Control on Libya

Riots in the Arab world, turns kingdoms one by one. In this process, important countries for the United States are Syria, Iran, Libya and Yemen. We mentioned our evaluation on the Bahrain and Iran in a previous article. The United States which fears to support the rebellion in Iran because Bahrain situation, seems to give priority to Libya and Syria. United State and Western targets are extremely clear in the Middle East. It is very…

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"NATO Must Take Full Control on Libya"

United States: Open the Border of Armenia!

The so-called Armenian genocide bill passed from the Foreign Relations Committee of U.S. Yes output in this ballot with 1 differences, by the foot games. This situation exactly seems voting of Turkish parliament to permit U.S. Army before the invasion of Iraq. There is one message which was applied by secret control of US administration: Open your border with Armenia without preconditions put forward about Karabakh and customize normally your relations with it. At this…

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"United States: Open the Border of Armenia!"