Bloody Spring in the Middle East

While we are entering the spring season, the Middle East is entering a bloody period. There are many factors which will affect the region. We can order these factors as follows: • The U.S. is reducing military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and adopting a line of conduct of camouflaged war. • Iran is strengthening its political and military presence in Iraq and the gulf. • The environment of conflict and political tension is provoking…

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"Bloody Spring in the Middle East"

The Middle East Operations in Autumn!

We are expecting very important developments in Autumn in the Middle East. In fact, these developments linked with each other will follow sort order because of behind the negotiations. Everyone knows that the primary goal of U.S. and NATO in the Middle East is Syria. Under the banner of the NATO, intervention to Syria is too close but there are several significant obstacles in front of the Western Alliance in this issue. The first of…

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"The Middle East Operations in Autumn!"

The future of Syria and the Middle East

Sequential revolutions continue in the Greater Middle East Project. Situation in Libya a little slowed down the process of this revolution. When the internal forces were unable to achieve success, NATO stepped in at that time. But, the power struggle between France and Turkey is blocking the effectiveness of NATO. If needed, France, Britain and the United States aim to overthrow Gaddafi with continental military force but Germany and Turkey is opposed to it.  But…

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"The future of Syria and the Middle East"

Is Iran Single Target of Missile Shield?

The establishing of a new ballistic missile defense shield in NATO’s eastern border countries become definite. The most notably of these countries is Turkey. According to the general conclusion of the world public opinion, the real goal of missile shield is Iran. However, the name of Iran wasn’t specified in NATO’s decision. Is Iran really only one fear of The United States and the West? Is Iran more important than the historical enemies of the…

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"Is Iran Single Target of Missile Shield?"

Iran Game which will not back

Iran‘s nuclear issue turns into a game of chess which will not be turned back, with the Barter Agreement led by Turkiye and Brazil. Let’s summarize the expectations of the parties in this game: The first country, Israel wants to prevent that obtaining nuclear weapons of Iran. Israel thinks that the primary target of nuclear weapons will be used by Iran to Israel. Israeli administration is fanatical as many as hit Iranian nuclear facilities for…

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"Iran Game which will not back"