Russia Plans The provocation of the aircraft and Al Qaeda!

Dangerous provocations have been done on the Turkish – Syrian borders in recent days. Border violation of two Syrian planes and attacks of Al Qaeda against Turkiye and the tomb of Suleiman Shah give important clues. Before to explain about Al Qaeda (ISIL) issue’s detail, let’s have a look at details of border violation which is overlooked. As everyone knows that two Syrian aircrafts which made flights on the Turkish – Syrian border are the…

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"Russia Plans The provocation of the aircraft and Al Qaeda!"

Kurdish state would serve the interests of Russia!

The biggest mistake of the United States in the last half century was its collaboration with Islamists and Kurds. While the alliance with the Islamists is making pro-Western groups hostile to the U.S., its alliance with Kurds turned away the Middle Eastern Arabs from the United States. The United States was successful partially in its short-term plans, but the long-term developments have evolved to the detriment of the United States always. In this regard, Let…

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"Kurdish state would serve the interests of Russia!"

The United Nations Organization was born in Crimea, in Crimea it will die!

The foundation of the United Nations essentially was laid in Yalta, the Crimean city on 11th February 1945. The idea of setting up the United Nations Organization that is discussed from the 1940s, had spoken Moscow and Tehran Conference in 1943 and the Dumbarton Oaks Conference in Washington in 1944. Following World War II which led to a huge disaster and devastation in Europe and Asia, the victorious major countries decided to establish the United…

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"The United Nations Organization was born in Crimea, in Crimea it will die!"

Syria Oil War

In regions where have not energy, oil, underground wealth and strategic transition would not be war and very long-term tension. But in areas of vital importance to the world continues wars, riots and civil chaos throughout history. The Greater Middle East Plan restructured the Arab revolts choked in Syria. Because there were nothing their refusal or they will do by the other major powers outside the United States. Puppet dictators which previously engaged in cooperation…

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"Syria Oil War"

Bloody Spring in the Middle East

While we are entering the spring season, the Middle East is entering a bloody period. There are many factors which will affect the region. We can order these factors as follows: • The U.S. is reducing military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and adopting a line of conduct of camouflaged war. • Iran is strengthening its political and military presence in Iraq and the gulf. • The environment of conflict and political tension is provoking…

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"Bloody Spring in the Middle East"