Say No To Terror!

First of all, we offer condolences to our friends in Belgium and Europa.

The World which breathed a sigh of relief with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, slid into an international conflict period again with the United States’ Greatest Middle East Project and Arab Spring after the 2000s. In the same cycle, when Putin who came to power in Russia, built castles in the air to restore old Soviet Union, we went back to the cold war era of the 1970s.

Now, the United States and Russia which are not clear that where they are fighting or according, are running around with their fighting forces.

It is extremely clear that Russia is the pursuit of restoration the former Soviet Union. Russia which on the one hand is laying hands on Georgia and Armenia, on the other hand is invading Crimea and Ukraine’s half, is settling towards the warm seas that was imagined for years, by the way of Syrian war.

Apart from all these, the United States is still pursuing new wrongs after Afghanistan and Iraq failures. Obama who regards the interests of his allies as completely unimportant, on the one hand is conducting covert operations against western friends, on the other hand is making questionable NATO’s existence and unity. The most important thing is known that the United States foreign policy is totally established on the argument of radical Islamist threat as also expressed by some former commanders in the US. In the circumstances, radical Islamist threat is growing instead of diminishing.

Like many strategists in the world, we believe that the United States has been following “the existence policy with the threats” for years. It aims to manage the world and the energy grounds as creating controllable threats and giving justification these. The world which was terrorized by Al Qaeda for years, has been disciplined with ISIL terrorism now. In recent years, a new partner came to light for the United States: Russia. Henceforward, Russia is also attempting to protect its regional interests, Syrian and Iraqi Shiite managements by using ISIL terrorism as an excuse.

We are curious; If there is no radical Islamist terrorism, what would the United States in the Middle East, Africa, Europa and the all over the world. In fact, we have to query the US government’s sincerity about the struggle with the Russia and Iran managements. Probably, if there are no Russia and Iran threats, the United States cannot be permanent in the Middle East and Europa, in addition to this, regional countries don’t spend billions of dollars on armaments.

When all these reasons are taken into consideration, Syria and the Middle East policy of the US Administration is still not clear and understandable. If the United States gave full support to the oppositions groups, Russia and Syrian governments could be taken a major defeat. The United States both has been preventing to be given Anti-Aircraft guns to the opposition groups a long time and failing to satisfy about the fighting against ISIL terrorist organization. While it is ignoring the military cooperation proposals from allies against regional terrorist organizations, the other way round it is helping to strengthen the other terrorist organization PYD&PKK which fights against biggest ally Turkiye.

The United States must be sincere about the anti-terrorism and should make NATO functional in this issue. Otherwise, the wrong policies of the Obama government will strengthen the Russia and dissolve the western alliance.

We state clearly that there are the United States’ and Russia’s policies behind terrorism in Belgium, France and also Turkiye.

The era in which states were taught manners, is finished. In this communication age, all secret agreements and partnerships can be uncovered one or other day. If NATO and the Western alliance disintegrated, the United States completely lost friends.

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