Imperialist Russia -Bear- will Seizes the Crimea!

Rusya_UkraynaUkraine was under the dominion of Turkish states throughout the centuries before the Russian occupation. Respectively, the Scythians (Saka Turks), the Huns, Khazars, Kipchaks, Pechenegs, Cumans, Oguz, The Golden Horde State and finally the Ottoman Empire ruled Ukraine. With the weakening of the Ottoman Empire, Russians have increased their influence in this region. Following World War I, The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was established in 1919 and it joined the Soviet Union in 1922. The entire economic infrastructure of Ukraine was connected to Moscow such as other Soviet republics.

The most strategic region in Ukraine was Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea. This area was the homeland for Muslim Tatar Community which is a Turkish people. A large part of Crimean Tatars were deported to Central Asia and Siberia by the Russians on the grounds that they helped the Germans during the Second World War. The elderly, women and even newborn children were removed from their homes. They were exiled to Siberia which is Russia’s coldest and most remote corner. Mostly elderly and children died during a month-long train ride. The Russians were placed in place of the deportees. Today, the population of Crimean is 58% the Russians, 24% Ukrainians and only 12% The Tatars.

At that the Soviet Union collapsed in the beginning of the 1990s, Ukraine became an independent country. From these years, the United States and Western countries had launched a big psychological warfare to integrate this region into Europe. The Agreement regarding Humanitarian and Technical Economic Cooperation was signed between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the United States of America. After that over time, around 400 pro-West various international organizations, around 350 humanitarian organizations and 180 non-governmental organizations began to operate. 20 thousand students have benefited from Fulbright fellowships to study in the U.S. They served in government and civil society organizations after returned to their country.Russian_Ukraine

Meanwhile, the European Union under the leadership of Germany had a special significance to Ukraine in the context of Eurasian Balkans Project. The main objective of the European Union was to release from Russian domination by taking Ukraine firstly to the Customs Union and then to the European Union. In Ukraine which is majority Christian, pro-Western people was Catholic and pro-Russian people was Orthodox. Therefore, Ukraine was visited by the Pope several times in the 2000s.

Following the September 11, 2001, When the United States of America has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, also Russia aimed to enhance its activities in the former Soviet republics. Political conflicts have accelerated in Ukraine and in the elections of October 31, 2004, pro-Western Viktor Yushchenko received 46.69 percent and pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych received 49.42 percent votes. When Yushchenko alleged electoral fraud, street demonstrations began and were re-elections in 26 December 2014. This time, while Yanukovych was receiving 44.20 percent votes, Yushchenko was elected President as receiving 51.99 percent. This period was called The Orange Revolution due to the orange color which is used by Yushchenko in elections.

It had a reverse situation in the elections in 2010. While pro-Western Yulia Timoshenko was taking 45.8 % votes, pro-Russian Yanukovych became president as take 48.5% of vote. Russian’s influence on Ukraine has strengthened again. Supporting of the United States and Europe continued to pro-Western groups. On December 13, 2013 US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Victoria Nuland said in her visit to Kiev “We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve the development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society”.Election_Ukraine

As the United States was dealing with Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East, Russia and China had won major events in Asia. The United States had failed in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. Therefore, President Obama has decided to withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq, then to terminate the Greater Middle East Project. Military power of the Middle East has been slid to Asia and Syria Issue has been also suspended. Meanwhile, The U.S. has accelerated the psychological war in Ukraine, to control Russia’s growing military strength in the Mediterranean. Indeed, Russia also focused Sevastopol, The Crimea which is the largest naval force in the region outside Tartus Naval Base in Syria.

The U.S. and the West are determined to snatch Ukraine from Russia. On the contrary, Russia is considering to connect especially the east of the Dnieper river and the Crimea to Russia as independent federations. In particular, the rulers of the Crimean are pro-Russian politicians completely. Sergey Aksyonov who was appointed as Prime Minister of Crimea last week was the leader of the Russian Unity in the Crimea. The situation in the Crimea looks like the situation of Afghanistan was invaded by Russia in the 1970s.

Accordingly, Russia actually occupied strategic regions in the Crimea via Russian Special Forces. Putin received the War Power to protect their interests in Ukraine. NATO and Western countries strongly have opposed to this situation. However, neither NATO nor the U.S. and the West do not have the strength to fight against Russia.

Dangerous game in Ukraine and the Crimea is continuing. If Russian Imperialism (Bear) goes a little further, Ukraine will be dragged into civil war and division. Our biggest worry is that the Crimean Tatars will once again subjected to the cruelty of the Russians. I hope to get the Crimea an independent country like in history. But, it is now impossible. Therefore, we always support a Ukraine under the control of the West against the Russian imperialism.

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