The Learned loneliness of the United States!

The US is experiencing a great deal of loneliness and despair not only in the Middle East but also in Asia and Afghanistan. This helplessness further aggravates the US, threatens its historical allies, cooperates with terrorist organizations, and even plans new collisions like July 15th in Turkey. In the past days, CIA President Mike Pompeo openly threatened Pakistan and said, “If Pakistan does not destroy terrorist paradises in Islamabad, the United States will do anything…

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"The Learned loneliness of the United States!"

Jerusalem Issue is A Crusader Strategy

I want to look at Jerusalem Issue in a very different way. As is known, the foundation of the Israeli state started in political and military support of Great Britain and it established after the German Jewish massacre in World War II. Israel was planned as a Mediterranean gateway for the Middle East Energy resources by the English school. For the German school, it was the main idea of ​​the Muslim-Jewish conflict. The idea of…

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"Jerusalem Issue is A Crusader Strategy"

Did the US and Russia share Syria?

The year 2009 is the turning point in the USA’s Great Middle East Project. The United States policy has undergone radical changes with this year when Turkey has begun to openly oppose the US and Israeli policies. Following the OneMinute reaction, the United States, which took the decision to liquidate the administration of Turkey, launched its Arab Spring Plan from the beginning of 2010. The aim was to overthrow the governments in this geography, starting…

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"Did the US and Russia share Syria?"

USA & PKK are being deported to Kirkuk and the US made military aid to Daesh.

The US and the PKK Terrorist Organization started deploying in the Barzani region against the Iraqi Central Government’s Havica & Kirkuk Operation. As it is known, the Iraqi Forces have started operations in the Havica area covering the southern western part of the city of Kirkuk for the last month and have seized half of the region. After the Iraqi government took Kirkuk’s Governor who is Kurdish origin from 13-year-old and began military preparations for…

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"USA & PKK are being deported to Kirkuk and the US made military aid to Daesh."

Daesh transferred DeirEzZor’s North to US & PKK!

Daesh and the PKK terrorist organizations which were known to cooperate since the beginning of the Syrian & Iraqi civil war, have realized an important Field Change. As it is known, for the past month, the Syrian regime forces in support of Russia were carrying out a great military operation against DeirEzZor from Palmira. Within this operation, the US & PKK Alliance reduced its Rakka Operations to the lowest level and made the Daesh militants…

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"Daesh transferred DeirEzZor’s North to US & PKK!"