Iran’s Nuclear Story

Nowadays, perhaps one of the most important issues of international politics is Iran‘s Nuclear Studies. The goal of Western alliance leading U.S., UK and Israel is to stop Iran‘s nuclear activities. we could clearly say that: Iran‘s real purpose as has nuclear weapons is to obtain immunity in the region and around the world. To say that “Iran‘s nuclear activities are only the peaceful purposes” only aims to save time. Alliance leading by United States…

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"Iran’s Nuclear Story"

Intelligence Wars in Asia

Intelligence Wars between Russia and United States – British Partnership has accelerated in recent days. After that Obama explained his 2010 targets, the strategic cooperation between the CIA and MI6 had been renewed and strengthened. The main goal of the Strategic Cooperation of CIA – MI6 was used the pro-Western Islamist groups against Russia. For this reason, Israel was excluded from this partnership, due to it’s uncompromising attitude in the Middle East. UK conducts and…

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"Intelligence Wars in Asia"

United States: Open the Border of Armenia!

The so-called Armenian genocide bill passed from the Foreign Relations Committee of U.S. Yes output in this ballot with 1 differences, by the foot games. This situation exactly seems voting of Turkish parliament to permit U.S. Army before the invasion of Iraq. There is one message which was applied by secret control of US administration: Open your border with Armenia without preconditions put forward about Karabakh and customize normally your relations with it. At this…

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"United States: Open the Border of Armenia!"

New Strategy of ISAF for Afghanistan

ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), began a large operation to break Taliban activity in Afghanistan the past month. U.S. President Obama is targeting to disable the radical Taliban forces, to transfer military control of the Karzai government and to withdraw troops by the end of 2010. Does the United States and the West reached this goal? ISAF was established under the leadership of NATO was a security force by the UN Security Council on 20…

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"New Strategy of ISAF for Afghanistan"

Background of the Strategic of Agca Assassinations

International terrorist of Turkey M. Ali Agca got out of prison and discussions about his assassinations came to order again. Yet I was a young journalist reading at the university during Agca assassinations. At that time, I had made a comment and today I see that this comment is true. Agca was used by CIA and NATO’s Secret Service which is established to combat against the Soviet Union. The process leading Turkiye to the September…

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"Background of the Strategic of Agca Assassinations"